indie things.

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just an "indie" blog which posts a lot of green stuff , feel free to ask anything. :3

1. When my boyfriend confessed love to me.

20. I don’t really make those kind of things anymore , because I never actually did anything to make them happen. But I wanna do better in school this year. :)

1:best moment of 2012
2:worst moment of 2012
3:how many new friends did you make in 2012?
4:did you complete your New Year's resolutions?
5:did you fall In love?
6:did you fall out of love?
7:best movie you saw?
8:most money you spent on one object?
9:did you go on holiday?
10:how many people did you kiss?
11:had an event that significantly changed your life?
12:biggest regret?
13:discover a new favourite band?
14:get drunk?
15:have any firsts?
16:have to go to hospital?
17:told someone you loved it and meant it?
18:lost somebody you loved?
19:learnt a new skill?
20:any New Years resolutions for 2013 and what are you most looking forward to?